Keikos Cake

Keikos Cake

  • Presentation
  • Clarity of Instructions
  • Quality of Recipes
  • Value for Money

What's Included

  • Format: eBooks and Forums via Membership site
  • Dozens of professional recipes (over 60 at the time of writing)
  • Over 7 hours of instructional videos
  • Regular new recipes (at least 3 a month)

Keikos Cake isn’t so much of a recipe book as a members web site. After your initial sign-up, you’ll have access to dozens of cake recipes from this professional confectioner. But better than any eBook, you’ll also have access to videos of the recipes being made, so you can take the guesswork out of your baking, and be really sure you’re getting it right.

Keiko is a professional patissier and whether you’re an absolute beginner, or an ambitious baker looking for first-class cake recipes, she will walk you through step by step with downloadable eBooks and detailed online videos. There are also online forums to discuss the recipes with other members, share hints and tips, or even discuss your favourite kitchen equipment.

The downsides with this product are that, not being a native English speaker, the directions can sometimes be poorly worded. Not that this ever leads to any confusion (the online community helps to refine the product) but that it might leave you feeling the product isn’t as professionally finished as others. There are some products we’ve reviewed that are absolutely stunning in terms of design, illustration, and photography. The eBooks on this site certainly haven’t been preened and polished.

However, the instructions are always clear, and the photography, whilst not always artful, is incredibly comprehensive, detailing each step along the way. In fact, the step-by-step photography almost negates the need for the accompanying videos, but they are a useful confirmation that what you’re doing is right!

Here’s a free download of Keikos Rich Chocolate Cake recipe, which is fairly typical of all the recipes available through the website. We think you’ll see what we mean when we say the design is simple, but the content is incredible. There’s another free recipe on the website itself, with the accompanying video if you want to check that out. Whilst you’re there, you should take a look at the gallery to see what other recipes you’ll find once you sign up.

One thing we really don’t like about this site, however, is that some of the older recipes have been taken off the forums, and are only available as separate purchases. That said, the amount of content you get for a really low membership fee is pretty amazing, so we shouldn’t complain.

Overall, if you want to bake amazing cakes and pastries, and other desserts, you’re sure to impress with these creations.


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